Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hubert's Polish Kitchen

So it was a dreary cold day in Columbus, Ohio and the wife and I are looking for someplace to have lunch. After pitching ideas back and forth for about an hour we decide that we can't decide. When this happens we head to the North Market...many many choices ...after doing a couple of laps around the market (bypassing my usual choice Kitchen Little and the incredible duck cassoulet) we stopped at Hubert's Polish Kitchen. What drew us to that stand was pure comfort factor...mashed potatoes, cabbage rolls, kielbasa made my Falters meats, pierogis, dumplings, and on and on ...This was the stuff my grandmothers cooked..we called it country cooking...I just didn't know what country..Who Knew? I do now and the answer is Hubert's. Don't get me wrong...this food is heavy and substanstial...maybe not the answer for everyday, but the exact correct answer for a cold, dreary winter's day...Info at Hubert's Polish Kitchen webpage

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