Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things!

Well my last post was Sept 30 and that is entirely to long! I have gotten a new job and moved to a new city since then and all for the better. I have moved to one of the great food cities in the south and am so excited to be here! The Town is Charleston SC and I am the corporate chef for the Charleston Hospitality Group. As far as jobs go you couldn't ask for a better job as a chef. Never a dull moment, never boring and so much work to be done it can be overwhelming but its my passion and the joy of my life.

The Charleston Hospitality Group has three concepts and 4 restaurants with a fifth on the way. We have Tabbuli Grill on Market Street, Toast and two Market Street Saloons with fantastic barbecue.
Today, December 5 we cooked at an event called "Wine under the Oaks" we fed around 600 people with some fantastic food from Tabbuli Grill, our Mediterranean restaurant. . We offered people marinated beef kabob (made with prime rib), Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Tabouli Salad. We had people 40 deep in line from the time we started cooking until we finally ran out of food! The venue was Boone Hall Plantation.
Boone Hall is one of Americas Oldest working living Plantations and is truly amazing, a must see if you are ever in Charleston. What a great event today and if you are ever in Charleston come look me up at one of our restaurants, you won't be disappointed!

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