Friday, December 10, 2010

Tabbuli Grill! Amazing little place on North Market Street....

         Can you say.....Mediterranean Food?
 Well Tabbuli Grill is the place to be! Absolutely some of the best I have ever had anywhere. To find this little gem you have to travel to Charleston SC, That's right I said Charleston! Right in the middle of the lowcountry, the epicenter of southern cuisine. Right downtown on Market Street, 6 North Market to be exact is this wonderful little place.
Owner Sam Mustafa had a vision of home when he designed the place, cozy interior with middle eastern accents and the beautiful outside patio is just the place to be on most any day. Sit back and relax and order a Hooka with you favorite flavor of tobacco, order a beer or glass of wine from there nice selection of wines by the glass. If your a mimosa fan well your definitely in the right place because everyday, all day they have bottomless mimosa's and for only ten bucks a head!

Now about the food......well, you need to go hungry. The well rounded menu lets you go where you want. Breakfast anyone? How about a nice lunch on the patio or a romantic dinner under the stars, Tabbuli has it.

We started with the combo platter which came with Falafel with tahini, Baba Ghanoush, Hummus, Tabouli salad, Jerusalem salad and warm pita. Simply delicious! Didn't want it to end. Then I went with the beef kabob platter, another winner. The beef was marinated and so tender you could cut it with a fork. It came with basmati rice and Jerusalem salad. If this is the way everything on the menu tastes I'm in trouble! I would eat here daily if I could and I just might. My friend that day had the Kofta pita, a delicious blend of ground beef and spices grilled and stuffed in a warm pita and served with some of the best french fries on the planet. 

OK, now for the finishing touch of the meal. Baklava! It was not terribly sweet like most but the perfect blend of walnuts, cinnamon and sugar and just the right amount of syrup so the pastry isn't soggy but nice and crisp with the great bite you can only get from phyllo. The perfect end to this fantastic meal. So, for you locals who want some great food and if you are ever visiting Charleston, find your way to North Market Street and head down to the water where the cruise ships dock and enjoy this great little place, you will be glad you did.......

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Allie said...

This looks amazing..I love med food!