Friday, September 24, 2010

Spit Roasted Chicken with Lemon Garlic and Rosemary

I really like to cook on the grill, I can't get enough of it this time of year or anytime of the year really. I have a spit attachment on my grill and have a grilling basket where I can cook two split chickens. The reason I like cooking chickens split is, for one they cook faster and second the flavor is amazing because you are roasting both sides of the bird and the coals or wood you use is tasted throughout the meat and the skin is fantastic!. The marinade for this is delicious, simple and also works well with fish and seafood. What I do is heat my olive oil up in a large skillet and add my rosemary, garlic and saute them for about one minute or so and remove from the skillet from the heat and let the oil cool with everything in it. When the oil is cool I strain it and add the lemon juice, salt and pepper, mixing thoroughly. Basically you are making a quick infused oil and adding lemon and seasonings. (the garlic and rosemary tend to burn on the chicken that is why I strain it out) I don't cut the chickens in half , I just remove the backbone and open the chicken up and cut through the cartilage in the breast and butterfly it open. I add each bird to a gallon baggie and add half of the marinade to each. I try to let the chicken rest in the marinade at least over night.  When ready to cook, remove the chickens from the marinade and place in the grilling basket or just cook them over medium heat on your grill turning frequently. If you are cooking straight on the grill use a lid on your grill to help keep the fire at bay. Flare ups from the fat can cause your chicken to brown or burn before its done.  Grilling baskets for your spit or baskets that you can flip by hand are pretty inexpensive and work great.  Enjoy.......


The juice of 4 large lemons
1/2 cup fresh rosemary 
1 cup of olive
6 cloves garlic, chopped
1 tbsp salt
1/2 tsp of white pepper


Sprinkled with Flour said...

This recipe sounds so delicious. Thanks for the great tips for cooking a whole chicken on the grill, which is something I haven't done yet. My husband tends to be "in charge" of the grill, so I don't get to practice my grilling skills very often:)

We Are Not Martha said...

I really need to cook on the grill more often, too! Smokey lemon, garlic, and rosemary sounds fabulous :)


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is what I call chicken!!

Magic of Spice said...

Excellent recipe for chicken...great flavors :)