Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garden,,,it's not too late

I walked out into my garden today, as I usually do on my days off, surveying this year's crop. Tomatoes coming along fine, hot pepper plants two feet tall and what did I spy. My first zucchini blossom peering between the leaves..a good sign. Why am I telling you this? They are meant to be words of encouragement, to start you off with your own's not too late. Don't get my wrong I love farmer's markets and the like, but nothing beats gathering vegetables from your own little plot of earth. Talk about local, you know where your food was grown, who the farmer was and what methods (organic or not) were used in the production of your food. Taking a salt shaker out to the garden, pluck a full ripe tomato, gently salting and taking a bite as the warm juice runs down your chin is almost sexual definately sensual. I digress, go out dig up your yard or not, use a small raised bed, no land some large clay pots or flower boxes, some good soil mix a few seeds, water and a little love and you will be farming in no time. If you have children it is even better, it shows them where their food comes from and what it takes to make all it happen. It teaches patience and reconnects with our roots. Memories flood back of helping mom, dad or grandma work in their gardens and how great the meals that followed. It is not too late to start. Let me know what you are growing and how it's going and until next time........


Allison said...

I used my cilantro today with the chicken I baked, it is the only thing that has come out of my garden so far. But Aiden definately loves that he can help water the herb garden, and was completely amazed that i ripped some off and put it into pan of chicken, and when it was done he ate every last bite of it! I thought you'd be proud of me..and we are counting down the days until our farmers market. I cant wait to teach Aiden to eat local and grow his own food, I wish we had a communtiy garden where all the kids could help!

Chef Michael Braddock said...

I can't wait to see my Mom's garden!