Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer treats...Deviled eggs

The ubiquitious summer picnic staple..the deviled egg. When people walk up to the picnic table and view the endless array of potato, pasta, tossed and fruit salads, the nine layer dips, what is the first thing to go onto the plate? Well if you are me it is the deviled egg, because I know when I go up for seconds it will be gone. I was going to put a recipe below and thought I would make this a treasure hunt and encourage you to go to your grannies, aunts, uncles, brothers, sister, mothers, fathers or your next door neighbor and get their recipes. On the surface it is so simple, boil eggs, scoop out yolks mix with mayo, mustard, salt and pepper, top with paprika and voila deviled eggs. Every family makes them different, what variation makes yours special? Is it dijon instead of yellow mustard or does your family top them them with a briny caviar, standard paprika or smoked paprika(oops! my secret escaped)? So go back to the family recipe cards, get grannie's or Aunt Megs secret or experiment with your own, but get out into the kitchen and get cooking. Until next time......

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