Monday, July 26, 2010

Curras Nuevo Cuisine

I am living right now in Murrells Inlet SC and every now and then I get a hankering for Mexican food. So I find a Mexican restaurant with good reviews and away I go. After I get my basket of most of the time stale chips and some kind of generic salsa (probably out of a can) and my dry tamales, beans and rice, I am convinced all Mexican restaurants are owned by the same person, order from the same company because the food all tastes the same from Myrtle Beach SC to Lincohnton NC to Columbus OH and they all have pretty much the same menus!  Disappointing!
Well folks I have found a little slice of authentic Mexico in Asheville NC! That's right you heard me, Asheville NC! Curras Nuevo Cuisine, and I will add a link so you can find it and check out there menu. The first time I went there I had a hard time finding it. I drove past it a couple of times and finally after asking someone for the third time I found it. It was a little building and kind of looked like a house not a restaurant. When I walked in the scene was just the opposite, bright, colorful walls with original Mexican art and a very comfortable feel to it. I was sat and my server Dawn gave me the rundown on the menu, specials and talked me into a few margaritas, (great selection of tequilas by the way) which were delicious, especially the Oaxacan margarita made with jalapeno peppers, Fantastic!
I started with a trio of small tamales, all different and were amazing, creamy and the sauces were right on the money. My entree, I had marinated braised pork with plantains, black beans, rice and homemade tortillas. one of the best meals I've had in a long time. But wait! I haven't talked about desert.
The Picture tells the story, the best flan the world has ever set eyes on, as someone commented about it on there website. They are absolutely right, it is the best flan I have ever eaten anywhere, period, end of story. Its indescribable, its heaven, its ridiculous! I judge every other flan that I eat by it and nothing comes close. Of course I won't get the recipe but some things are better left a secret. I would rather just go there and eat it. So if you are ever in Asheville NC go there, and enjoy this little gem of a place, you will thank me. Enjoy.........

Want to know more? Here is their link:

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Chef Dennis said...

I was raised on Tex Mex.....what they serve around here is good, we have so many mexicans running mexican restaurants.....but its never quite Tex Mex.....
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