Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oyster Po' Boys

I actually dreamt of this sandwich for a week before we finally made it. Oyster po' boys were on my mind morning, noon, and night. Big fat oysters from Crisfield, Maryland tossed in a spicy buttermilk, then dredged in a seasoned corn meal and flour mixture. Deep fried in canola oil(I should pretend I am thinking about my health). Six inch hoagie bun toasted golden brown with real butter, horseradish tartar sauce, fresh tomatoes from the garden, crispy leaf lettuce, and shaved sweet red onion. On the side a tangy cole slaw and steak cut french fries. This vision so exacting, it made my wife nervous as she started this treat. She started by marinating the plump oysters in buttermilk, hot sauce, and Old Bay seasoning for half an hour or so. Heating the oil to between 350 and 375 degrees (using a candy thermometer), a nervous anticipation builds as she dredges the drained oysters and tosses them in a spicy corn meal making sure they are fully coated. Next she drops them one by one into the hot oil, sizzle sizzle they go as she is careful not to overload the pot. A mere three minutes later these crispy coated jewels are ready to load onto our po' boys. Buns toasted, vegies cut, sauce and sides made, we carefully assemble the vision into reality, but could the expectation be satisfied. I had been building this sandwich in my mind , over and over for a week. First bite was heaven, the second bite even better, my wife had done an incredible job of interpreting my dream. Now we are talking of catfish, shrimp or walleye po' boys....give it a try and until next time.....

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Allison said...

Very upset I missed family dinner this night!