Thursday, July 15, 2010

Farm Market

They are all around you now from the established city farmer's markets to the guy selling watermelons and fresh corn out of the back of his truck. I am talking farm fresh produce sold by the farmers themselves. Peaches, tomatoes, sweet corn, squashes and peppers of all shapes and sizes. This is as fresh as it gets, picked in the morning and sold in the afternoon. Inspiration instantly sets in with the sights and smells. What will you make? Insalata caprese or grilled watermelon with feta salad. Grilled sweet corn with jalapeno butter or skillet corn. Go to your local farm stand and support your local agriculture some fresh peaches and local honey, let the kiddies chew fresh honeycomb and see if they ever want candy again. Blueberry pie or strawberry shortcake what will it be? Dust off those cookbooks, call grandma or Aunt Ruth, go online or check out the food network..riff on the recipes make them your own. It all starts with a trip to the farmer's market. Until next time......

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