Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hot Dog!

Sometimes, well most times chef's don't eat as fancy as they cook on the job, especially after they have just gotten off and don't feel like cooking. We go for comfort food and food that is just well, easy.

I offer the humble smoked sausauge, this could be a hot dog, brat, polish sausage or anyting in tube form. Almost every food culture on the planet has meat in tube form..from chicken and spinach to andouille and boudin. My personal favorite is grilled smoked sausage with the works..yes yes I frequent hot carts and I am not ashamed. It's great quickfood, fairly inexpensive, throw on a chips and a soda you are talking about $6. If you make it at home it is much cheaper. I justify the jump in my cholesterol by piling vegetables on top, tomatoes, relish, jalapenos, saurkraut, banana peppers, and diced onions. Mustard, spicy brown of course, yellow only in an emergency. On the instant gratification chart this combo blows the roof off. So now I want to know what is your favorite meat in tube form?, what about toppings? Hot Dog joint or Hot Dog stand?....let me know...until next time

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