Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jeni's Ice Cream Columbus Ohio

What is more summer than ice cream? Think back to some of your fondest summer memories with family and friends growing up. Think of of those long hot dog days of summers when the only relief could be found in ice cream. Whether it was handmade or bought from the local ice cream parlor. One bite of Jeni's Ice cream in Columbus, Ohio (or shipped on dry ice to your home), will bring all those memories flooding back and put a tear in your eye..oh yeah it is that good. Jeni Britton Bauer is the sorceress behind this operation. I say sorceress because she combines flavors that don't at first thought seem to match, but it works. She is an alchemist as she combines chocolate and cayenne in the Queen city cayenne(favorite #2) or the Blackberry and Sweet corn. Oh there is more how about Peach Lambic sorbet or Backyard mint that is actually a blend of fresh mints not the neon green food colored concoctions that rears it's ugly head. This stuff is good, it is inspired by Ohio's seasons and about Strawberry buttermilk or cherry and goat cheese(my favorite #1). She offers a lot of seasonal ingredients from Ohio's farms..peaches,sourcing the milk and cream from the Snowville creamery in Pomeroy, Ohio ( This is the reason this all works, the absolute best ingredients put together with love. These ice cream ,sorbets, yogurts and frozen treats put flavor over sugared sweetness, that so many other ice creams seem to value, masking otherwise quality ingredients. There are now five shops and a main kitchen in Columbus, with more to follow, this is great stuff. If you are outside the city(Columbus, Ohio), it can be shipped to your doorstep by the pint and well worth the price. For more information, addresses and hours go to Jeni's website ( ) and more info about Jeni and her crew and their quest for better ice cream, you can check out her blog ( seek it out and until next time.... Posted by Picasa

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