Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspiration and Perspiration

So where do you go for inspiration? Food Network, the internet with its now countless recipe sights and food blogs, neighborhood bookstore, or your local library. The truth is that inspiration is all around us. The local farmer's market, our neighbor's cookout, the countless family meals whether it be a bar-b-que or thanksgiving dinner. Inspiration can only take us so far if we are not grounded in basic cooking technique. There are some great resources to teach us technique, how to cut an onion, how to make a stock, how to roast a chicken, or how to make a sauce. The internet is magic when it comes to this, located on the world wide web are countless how to blogs and videos on how to prepare, pretty much anything your heart desires. As a true foodie there are a couple of bibles you must keep in your cookbook library. The Culinary Institute of America's handbook "The New Professional Chef" is a great source of beginning and intermediate technique loaded with schematics, measurements, great photos and many recipes...a used copy on Amazon will run you about $30 and worth every penny. The next must have is "The Joy of Cooking", the 75th edition is updated with both classic and modern recipes and is very descripive. One of my personal favorities is "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" this is Julia Child's epic two volume ode the cuisine and culinary tradition of France. She takes the mystique out and puts it in easy to understand terms. When it comes to recipes and finding something to cook the internet is becoming a goto source from which to find any number of variations on the recipe. Some of my favorites with loads of great recipes, with print options are,,,, and Beyond that many other great recipe sites and chef blogs are out there to offer great how-tos and recipes. Remember that inspiration without technique and knowledge is like a pilot without an airplane. It is all out there for you, you love food, you love to cook, refine your technique, increase your knowledge and the culinary mysteries will open up like flowers to you.......until next time

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Sandy said...

Thank you Tony! Now I know where to begin. Great information for new Curious Foodies.